CALTCA – Canadian Adventist Long Term Care Association – Care Homes

CALTCA stands for the Canadian Adventist Long Term Care Association – which has been around in one form or another for at least 40 years, and which is now comprised of our 6 care homes. CALTCA members typically meet every fall near the location of one of those homes, with attendees that always include Administrators/ Executive Directors, and on occasion other members of the respective organization’s leadership teams. CALTCA is all about sharing of challenges and ideas, supporting each other in this widely spread ministry.

Who then makes up CALTCA? Here is a brief introduction of our members – from East to West:

Valleyview Residence, Toronto, ON
– 174 Residents

The newest CALTCA home, opened in December of 2004. Valleyview is located on the same campus as the former Branson Hospital, the Willowdale Seventh-day Adventist Church and Crawford Adventist Academy. We can be thankful for the pioneering spirit of Anthony Kaytor who was instrumental in building the Branson Hospital, which really was the beginning of Adventist Health Care in Canada. Valleyview operates under the Advent Health Care Corporation which is developing plans for other buildings on this site in the future. Administrator Elizabeth Bryce provides the current leadership.

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Heritage Green Nursing Home, Upper Stoney Creek, ON
– 167 Residents

Established in the early 1980’s, Heritage Green is located in the greater Hamilton area. The campus includes 110 independent living seniors’ apartments, 21 assisted living suites, and the Heritage Green Seventh-day Adventist Church. It was the vision and leadership of Pastor Eric Juriansz and members of the Hamilton Mountain Adventist Church that resulted in this important ministry for the community. Scott Kozachenko serves as the Administrator.

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Park Manor Care, Winnipeg, MB
– 100 Residents

Park Manor Care has a long history of serving the Transcona community on the eastern edge of Winnipeg. Opening in 1967 with strong support from the community – everyone enjoys the family atmosphere as many of the staff and residents have lived in Transcona all their lives. In 1986, a 60 suite independent seniors building was opened, creating opportunities for spouses to live next door to their loved one in Park Manor. Currently Park Manor Care is working alongside the Winnipeg Health Region to expand our site with the addition of a new 120 bed care home on our adjacent vacant property. Abednigo Mandalupa joined Park Manor Care in 2015 as Finance Director, and was appointed as Executive Director and CEO in January 2020.

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West Park Manor Personal Care Home, Winnipeg, MB
– 150 Residents

The vision of West Park Manor leadership and the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference came to life when West Park Manor opened in 1973 in the community of Charleswood on the western side of Winnipeg. Ed Gallant was a primary leader in its construction and served as the first Administrator. A sizable plot of land was acquired – some of which was later was made available to the West Park Seventh-day Adventist Church. The site features a fenced courtyard for various summer activities and is located in a ‘green space’ community with numerous walking trails, wild life and is close to the city zoo. Many improvements have been made over the years to enhance the facility. Ruben Wollman was appointed as Executive Director in 2011, after having served as Assistant Executive Director for over 20 years.

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Sunnyside Adventist Care Centre, Saskatoon, SK
– 97 Residents

Sunnyside is one of the oldest Adventist nursing homes in Canada; again with start-up leadership from Anthony Kaytor who as then Conference President was instrumental in the planning and construction. Sunnyside opened its doors in 1964 with space for 68 residents, increasing to 106 in 1968 – but later reducing to the current capacity of 97 in 2003. Located on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, it features an expansive courtyard, and has undergone many improvements over the years. It is located near the Saskatoon Seventh-day Adventist Christian School. Randy Kurtz has provided leadership as Administrator since 2008.

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Sherwood Care, Sherwood Park, AB
– 100 Residents

Sherwood Park Nursing Home opened in 1969 with 100 residents, later expanding in 1998 to provide more private rooms. Since then there have been many improvements in order to provide a pleasant and caring environment for its residents. Located near Edmonton in the heart of Sherwood Park next to beautiful Boardmoor Lake and its walking trails, the site has numerous award winning garden areas and outdoor living spaces and includes the Sherwood Park Seventh-day Adventist Church. Now known as Sherwood Care, Kathy Fortunat serves as Executive Director.

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